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The ProMotion Career Track

A career as a physical therapist with ProMotion Rehab and Sports Medicine starts with our 6 month training program. During this time, the therapist works side-by-side with one of our tenured physical therapy clinicians. New therapists are expected to learn as much as possible while seeing a limited number of patients.

Upon successful completion of our training period, new therapists begin our 5-year profit-sharing program. Team members are encouraged to continue to focus heavily on continuing education and professional development. From specialized CEU courses to fellowship opportunities, ProMotion encourages each therapist to pursue their educational and clinical goals.

After the 5-year profit sharing segment of our career track, the partnership begins. ProMotion awards 10% Equity in that location’s business and assists the therapist with the purchase of an additional 30%, positioning the therapist as a 40% equity partner in that location.

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